Fun Texting Games for Everyone

With the rise of smart phones in this age, a lot of mobile applications have become more readily available to the public. But for those who are still stuck with their feature phones, do not fret because you can make up for it by having fun texting games to play with friends. As improbable as it may sound to smart phone users who have already grown dependent on their mobiles’ apps and features, you can still have fun interacting with your text friends even if you’re only equipped with an ordinary mobile phone, especially now that unlimited texting bundles have become more affordable.

To maximize the entertainment value that you and your friends can get from texting games, you should know how to come up with ingenious ideas. For those who can’t think of any fun texting games to play with friends in the meantime, here are some suggestions for you to get started:

texting games
  • Story builder. For aspiring writers out there, here is one avenue that you could use to unleash your writing skills. To jumpstart this game, the players must assign a person to come up with an introductory phrase or sentence that will serve as the story’s basis. You and your friends can agree on different sets of rules for each round: you can select a specific theme for your story by using a stringent set of words or you can assign a word/character limit (a 140 character limit is very popular among social media users).
  • Kiss, Marry, Kill.  “Kiss, Marry, Kill” is one of the most entertaining, albeit intriguing games that most friends play whenever they get together. But if you can’t find the time to do that, you can play a text version of this instead. Basically, one person will name three individuals—it doesn’t matter whether they are celebrities or people you all know in real life—and another will choose from those three who does he/she wants to kiss, marry, and kill. Although this game is intended to draw out some laughs, remember to exercise some tact to avoid hurting the feelings of those who are involved in the game.
  •  What if? The game “What if?” is also another one of those fun texting games to play with friends. The premise is quite self-explanatory: you think of a situation and then you ask your friends what they would do in case it ever happens to them. The situations can range from mundane to serious. What is especially interesting about this game is that it gives you an opportunity to know your friends better—after all, their answers will be based, more or less, on what their beliefs in life are.
  •  What do you think? This game is on a more personal level. Basically, you just ask your friends what they used to think about you or what they think about you now. It’s fun because you’ll get to see yourself in another person’s eyes.

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