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Text adventure games have evolved from being a simple verb-noun commanded game into a surreal world of complex sentence interaction. Truly, these videogames give users the experience of interactive learning while having fun. Like texting from computer, text adventure games help learners adapt to the changing world of technology.

Also known as Fiction Interaction, text adventures simulate environments where players interact with characters using text commands. An early example is the Colossal Cave Adventure where many codes have been used as the language interaction. Todays text adventure games feature graphical innovations to further encourage people of all ages to play.

Being a videogame, text adventure games are intended for mind stipulation that create fun and in most cases hype. But they are also a platform to learn language structure and language use in communication. Unlike other video games that develop just the hand-eye coordination, text adventures intentionally let users use their linguistic intelligence to take control of the game.

There are many online text adventure games that are readily available. Many of these games are free, and some offer extra features for small costs. A simple look at how text adventures work: launch the game, select your character and a few intro settings, and play the game using your keyboard.

Scott Adams is a legend in this genre. His games have been considered the pioneering ones, due to the fact that he was the first to program a text adventure on a home computer. Text adventure games have gone a long way since Adams introduced his simplistic work, called Adventureland.

Digging more into the development of text adventures, one may meet names Crowther and Woods who brought to mainstream what was known originally as Advent. Their game, later known as The Original Adventure Name, inspired Adams to do his assignment to the next generation. The game also spun interest from MIT and a team of developers enhanced the game. In the end, they came up with a better game called Dungeon the Original Zork. The word original lived up to its meaning as its complexity and power could not fit in a single disk drive during that time, and hence they divided it into three parts. These parts are now what came to us as Zork 1, Zork 2 and Zork 3.

A good way to start in the world of interactive fiction is a tutorial. And there is no better way than to enroll inMalinche Training Academy. Simulations of real games are included in the training. It has an immersive storytelling power and a good guide for beginners.

A wide array of text adventures can also be downloaded for use in many platforms. Since mobile devices have already virtually taken over the videogame arena, many interactive fictions have already been developed. On the other hand, many features of mobile devices have also been done using pcs, like texting from computer. Whether you want to play text adventure games online or download it and play the preprogrammed versions, it is assured that these games let you experience fun.

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