Enjoying Texting Games

Texting games are basically games you can play while texting on your mobile phone. Since you will be texting for the game, it is safe to assume that all you need will be in the texts you will be receiving. There aren’t actually any official games of this nature so for the most part you […]

Play Text Adventure Games Online

Text adventure games have evolved from being a simple verb-noun commanded game into a surreal world of complex sentence interaction. Truly, these videogames give users the experience of interactive learning while having fun. Like texting from computer, text adventure games help learners adapt to the changing world of technology. Also known as Fiction Interaction, text […]

Texting From Computers

Text messaging is a popular feature of mobile phones. But nowadays, you can also do it via computers. Thanks to various online sites, users may text from their computers directly to their contacts mobile phones. There are many sites available for texting from computers some of them provide free service while others charge a minimum […]

Low Cost International Texting is Possible

The short message system, or texting, is indispensable. Consumers have embraced this cheap and effective means of communication since its introduction in the late 1990s. In the early days of sms, users excitedly sent messages through chunky phones with grey screens. Today, texting from a computer is possible. One of the main reasons for the […]